History of the Orthodox Church


We begin our exploration of the history of the Orthodox Church by asking the question, How do we know that the life of Jesus is not just a story that the Church made up? In this day and secular age we are taught to be skeptical especially of things promoted by large institutions. The answer to this question provides the basis of our Orthodox Christian faith.

Next, we examine the role that the Hellenic culture played in the establishment of Christianity. God took special steps to prepare the way to the Incarnation of His Son. The Greeks played a significant role in this preparation.

What was it like to be an early Christian? How could a small group of zealots proclaim the good news of the Gospel and change the world. After all, it was a well established pagan world controlled by the strong political and military system of the Roman Empire.
Life in the Church was significantly changed during the reign of Constantine. He earned the title of “Great” that only a few saints have been given by the Church. What did he do to deserve this title? After all, he was a ruthless ruler of a massive political empire.

The Orthodox Church is known as the Church of the Seven Councils. Why is this important? In understanding this we will find out how the Orthodox faith has been preserved throughout history amidst many political forces. It tells us why we claim to be the church with the truth of Christianity in its fullest.
We now observe many branches of Christianity. How did this split begin? How did the eastern and western churches split after being in union as one church for over a thousand years? What attempts have there been to reunify the church? Will it ever be brought back into one Church?

Finally we will briefly look at some of the factors that led to the Orthodox Church being brought here to the United states.