Seeking Spiritual Insight

Individuals from diverse backgrounds are increasingly drawn to the profound richness of the Orthodox Faith. This ancient faith, steeped in tradition, offers a mystical vision of union with God, known as Theosis, and is characterized by its vibrant sacramental life, the Holy Spirit's active presence, and the beauty of its liturgies and temples. The continuity of our Christian faith, preserved since Apostolic times, is a testament to its enduring truth and relevance.

The Church's vast treasury of wisdom is evident in its liturgies, hymnology, iconography, and the writings of the early Greek Fathers. These elements complement the foundational Scriptures, contributing to a fuller understanding of the Christian faith. Our extensive catechism and numerous in-depth classes, developed over recent years, explore various facets of our faith. Below, you will find some of these classes, designed to deepen your understanding and connection to this spiritual journey."

We also have a new adult catechism class that begins each Fall and Spring.  For this who wish we also offer an online class monitored by Fr.Deacon Charles. You will also find a complete Catechism manual used in our classes. Our blog, Orthodox Way of Life has hundreds of article based on the teaching of the Church Fathers.

We also maintain a comprehensive website on Orthodox Prayer.